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Make Yourself Happier, Ladies!

Hi there ladies! Feeling great, happy or probably the other way around.. sad or tired. We, ladies especially mommies feels..not only tired but exhausted, not only stress but probably depressed if we don’t control ourselves. What have we done to ourselves, at work, we have to deal with our bosses, staffs, and workload. At home we deal with different bosses.. Mr. Husband, dear children and the routine housework.

I am not surprise if you said you have found yourself crying without any reason.. because I have been in that situation. Was I having depression? probably but I did not get any medical help but I help myself by sharing my feelings to others and I always pray. Sorry to say that I still encounter ‘breakdown’ but now I have my own strategy to make myself happier than letting myself go through sorrow.

Life is short for us not to enjoy it.. yes we all tired, stress, but if we let ourselves feeling pity and sad .. we will miss so many wonderful moment especially if our children still young. Lets create a strategy on how to be more happier.

Hang Out and Laugh

If you know you have lots of work, stop for a while.. call your friends and hang out. Talk about funny things.. have a good laugh..that will help.


Yes! Go do a makeover.. cut, color or curl your hair.. make a difference. Trim your eyebrow or a facial.


If money is not a matter to you.. go shopping.. you deserve it… or just ‘window shopping’ you probably get some idea to solve some problems.


I am sure you have hobbies or things you love or wanted to do… so why wait.. do it! Bake some cakes, scrap booking, drawing or writing.. well you know what you want.


Read lots of books.. reading make you more informative and wiser.


Time to get physical.. gardening, exercise, dancing or just walk.. sweat yourself.


Rest! Yes.. rest dear.. you need to take care of yourself first before you could take care of others. Take few days off from work… stay home.. and sleep more zzzz.

Have a great life ahead! 🙂


Working mom

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