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Good Business With Good Value

I was  reading an article about a lady whose open a restaurant.. its quite interesting.   Those who are in food and beverages business learn new things  to compete with others.   In any businesses, competing are common but how unique and how good you are in dealing with customers matters the most.

I have experience going into a new shop, the people who suppose to take care of the shop at one corner talking and laughing.. when i asked about a certain product, she said they don’t have it in the shop without even asking me more about the product or recommend me other product… but while i was looking around i saw the product i wanted, i wanted to buy it but i change my mind, i am not going to spend my money in that shop … i left.  It was terrible, having a shop or a business does not guarantee you will have good sales, your rapport with customers are important.  If i had a curt hitch i would just drag the shop with the sales person out from the compound.

A  friendly sales person can attract customers even the products their selling are expensive than those arrogant sales person selling cheaper products.  This is because the customers feel its worth buying something valuable from someone with good value.  So next time if you want to open any business, remember to hire a sales assistant with public relation and good communication skill.



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