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The Invisible World

Earlier this month, me and other colleagues were attending a Seminar in KL but that’s not what i want to talk about.  I want to share my experience for being early at the airport.  Well not so early but earlier then the rest of my friends.  I was enjoying my ‘me time’.. the alone doing nothing time but i am happy  just by reading, i  read a book  ‘The Invisible World’ written by my friend Mr Antony DeStefano, he had personally courier the book to me long time ago but i never had the chance to read it thoroughly… until that day.

Having that precious time, reading that wonderful book without any interruption gives me time to reflect on my daily life.  There were times i encounter with people and my life experience that is so strange but unexplainable.. and remain unexplained.  God works in a mysterious way, that none of us can questions, He gives answers in different way… He guide our way.

You might experienced a time where everything goes wrong..everybody makes you invisible.. well that will be the time God wants to talk to you.  If you going through pain and suffering.. trust only God and have faith in Him.  Everything happened for a reason and the reason is always from God.

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