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Goodbye Kinder Soon

Wow! there will be only two months before the school holiday.  Before school ends, there will be busy, sitting for their final exam, sports and other programs line up for them.  My children are looking forward for the long holiday and i am searching for a part time helper who can help to look after them during the holiday… i hope i can get someone whom can be trusted.

There will be another thing to think about besides the long school holiday, my daughter will be in primary one next year, no more in kinder.  She will be wearing the blue color uniform, wow.. she has grown up.  I  hope can get discount uniforms because i need to buy a few for her.

Well before she will be wearing her new school uniform, i will enjoy the moment of her with her cute kinder uniform… once she moved to primary school, all will be different.   What important is wherever they are, what standard they are.. what important is they love to learn and love school.



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