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I am thinking to cancel our ASTRO subscription, we have been receiving bills that are confusing. Moreover they keep on repeating their programs. I notice that my children loves to watch the Disney channel and also Nickelodeon but at the same time they still prefer watching DVD. The only reason we need ASTRO is to watch news and cooking channel… other then that only entertainment. No doubt there are education but with children who still loves cartoon i have not sit and watch educational program.

There are such package offer by a telecommunication company just like ASTRO as long as you have wifi or internet tv, which we don’t have and since our tv need to be changed i wouldn’t know if i need to change it just ordinary tv or internet tv or probably an analog tv.  If a tv is an easy access to internet, it could be danger too.. especially with children who are curious.

Well still thinking about it 🙂

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