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A Bedroom for My Girl

It is now the month of August, more than half a year and not to soon its going to be end of the year. Have you achieved your goal or still in the process or forgotten about it? Or probably you have another goal or choices that are more important than that. Whatever it is you wanted this year, you still have another four months to get it if your aim it that way.

This is how she would imagine her room will be 🙂


I have set a goal for my family..simple but still need planning and financial.. that is to transform our little study room to a bedroom for my little girl. She will be 7 years old next year and she eager to have a room of her own. For a start she wants her room pink and purple, which i think really suitable for her. Gladly the room only have small glass panel so i don’t have to buy any curtain or window swags. The only thing we need is to paint the room, get rid of the sofa bed, computer table and book shelf.

Planning and doing my ‘to do’ list for that and aiming to get her room ready by end of the year. Need to buy few things to make her happy and ready to sleep on her own.

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