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    My ‘Me’ Time

    It seems everybody is seeking for ‘me’ time.. especially mothers with younger children, stress with career and the unfinished housework.. cooking.. exhausted.. especially without helpers.. and same goes with those Stay at Home Mums.. we all need the time to ‘switch off’ from all these. There are so many things triggers to wanting to go out for a while.. ‘let me be alone’.. the relationship with husband.. the feeling of unappreciated, we become ‘lonely’.. how sad. Be careful if you seek too much and make yourself that lonely because you are not. .. you are actually busy its just the matter of emotional needs that you feel emptiness.

    As i walk this journey of motherhood and being a wife, i realized that it is not necessary ‘me’ time that i am searching for.. it is about how to fill in the emptiness.. or the feeling of unappreciated. I believe experience and age make me wiser.. i am not searching for the ‘me’ time .. or hang out with friends..although it is great..but it is not my priority. I can actually fill in the emptiness with ‘we’ time.. or ‘our’ time with my family and children.

    Allow me to share with you my view on this because it might differ with yours. My ‘me’ time used to be a time i hang out with my girlfriends.. have tea..chit chatting .. and when you chit chatting .. we might ended up talking about ourselves.. then without realizing..complaining.. and its focus on the negative topics…but yes we had fun.. and its temporary.

    Nowadays i can find my ‘me’ time just anywhere.. a space for myself.. its that real ‘me and myself’ time… it can be reading my favorite book while my children with me..reading their books or doing their coloring.. it is my ‘me’ time and also ‘we’ time. My ‘me’ time is learning to be patience, to be calm.. when my children argue, it test my level of patience..sometimes i manage sometimes i blow out.. and i try again to be calm… so i don’t whine or complaints to others.. i just talk to my children. If i not satisfied with how my husband react on certain things.. i have my ‘me’ time to think and reflect.. and i will have the time to communicate with him.. off my chest rather than complaining to my friends..i settle it my own.

    We all need to balance our personal life, family, friends, work and God. But before we manage the outer part.. manage our own self first.. manage our emotion, mind, physical and spiritual..then you can start to balance others. Listen to yourself, be confident of your own thoughts and trust your own instinct, you will be wiser in making your own decision.

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    Realizing Dreams

    I love imagining having my own company, my own brand in the near future.  I have so many dreams but i need to focus on the most important one first and start making steps towards it.  What i need to have is personalized sticky note pads.. i love it… and also need to  print my own business cards.

    While visualizing how my business will succeed, and how it makes me feel good .. doing or acting on it is very hard.. it need lots of determination.  Lots of questions need to be asked and answered to achieve the goal.   Even how hard it is.. i will strive and make sure my  dreams will come true.


    “Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true.”
    Ralph Waldo Emerson






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    Toys Best For Kids

    I was surfing on the net searching for present suitable for babies and toddlers.  What is the best to give for this young children?.. clothes, shoes? or toys.. mmm what kind of toys?  It reminds me of my children when there were younger, i love to buy them plush toys.. its easy to keep and washable.

    There is a website selling toys, blanket and my favorite brand is douglas plush toys.. so cute.

    What best about stuffed toys is that they can play with it and keep it when they are still baby until they grown up.

    So i guess.. the best gift for young children is stuffed toys .. 🙂 no wonder my children have lots of stuffed toys collection.