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The Invisible Ball

I was upset with my daughter for misbehaving so i created a game for both of us.  A simple game, no need to use any paper, color, velcro tape or anything else just a plain game with lots of imagination.

I call this game ‘The Invisible Ball’..  here how we play the game ;

First, i stand face to face with my daughter and look at each other.. i asked her to relax

Second, i ask her to imagine that we both holding a ball in our hand..

Third, i told her i am a bit upset because she answer in a rude tone, for not listening.. each behavior or my emotions towards her i will put in the invisible ball…

Whenever i say and put something in the invisible ball… the ball become bigger and bigger..and my hand will hold it carefully as if its heavy.  She will then do her part, surprisingly..she say..i don’t like the way you scold me..your voice too high..

Then when we both ready.. we say.. now let us throw this anger with this ball.. ready (act as it is so heavy and you can see fire and feel the flame inside the ball)..  ready 1,2,3.. throw!..

What do you think? it helps me and my daughter..probably this could help you too.

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