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Past, Present and Future

There are people who lives in their past.. they lives in their regret, wishing they could go back and undo whatever happened. It is not wrong to remember your past.. good or bad memories.. past is past.. cherish the happy memory.. how about the ugly one..the one you don’t want to remember but seems to appear on your mind. Sadly we can’t change our past .. let it be your experience.. or a lesson to it won’t happened again in the future. Don’t let your past burden you.. and make you sleepless night.. or take ambien to make you sleep.. just relax.

Today is today.. embrace your day with happiness and gratitude. Being alive today, breathing properly, smell the fresh air.. just be happy for that simple little things you enjoy each day. Celebrate your present day, embrace every moment.. if its not a really good day..just move on..pass that day with no regret, just remember things happened for a reason. Do the best today because what you did today reflect where you will be tomorrow.

Wish for a brighter tomorrow but then again.. what you plan sometimes doesn’t goes exactly as planned. Keep on dreaming and visualizing what you want in the future, do proper planning, act on it and hopefully you will achieve whatever you want. Create many options and plan in case one plan fail, you can other backup plan. We can’t predict what tomorrow bring .. we can only wish, hope and pray for better tomorrow.

Past is our  teacher, today is our friend and tomorrow is a stranger.


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