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Lets communicate

    Communication is vital, either verbal or non-verbal, we need to communicate but how effective can you communicate?  Effective communication is important because it allows people to lead more satisfying lives.  Effective communication can avoid misunderstanding,  easily makes the receiver understand the message you sending.  I hope this will help :

    The art of listening – God created human with two ears and one mouth.. He wants us to listen more and talk less.  Listen when someone is talking to you, make sure you understand what the person trying to say, if you don’t.. no harm of asking again.

    The way you say it – Make sure convey the message clear, think before you say it.. talk with polite and good manner.

    The tone of your voice –  This is import ant and please practice on your intonation.  You probably wanted to ask for help but the tone of your voice sound as you ‘directing’ and the person you asking for help won’t like it.  Put yourself in the other person’s shoe.. imagine you listening to your voice.. analyze your intonation.. ask your friend to help you.

    Eye contact – We have no choice but to look at the other person’s eyes when we talk.  When you talking your eyes do communicate..  so look to the eyes.. not looking  on the eyes while talking is rude.

    If you can communicate effectively you can work in the answering service field and play your roles effectively.  Last but not least.. smile!  be friendly.. people will love to talk and listen to you if you are friendly.


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