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    ‘The Switch’

    I am a big fan of Glee even though it might confuse people with the relationship thingy ..  well who am i to judge the creator of this story.  Looking at the brighter side of GLEE..  so many things we can learn from this series.. i get lots of inspiration from watching this.. love the music.

    Tonight’s series is just hilarious and exciting .. ‘The Switch’ .. how Tina wanted to sing solo.. and how she wanted to be like Rachel.. and she fell in a pool.. probably knock her head.. got the weirdest dream.  She became Rachel.. Rachel became Tina.. the funny part is when everybody switch to different characters..  so funny when Finn and Puck became Kurt and Blaine .. ow so unacceptable..but cute.

    cuteness.. hehe

    picture courtesy of http://www.ksitetv.com/glee

    Interesting story indeed..if you want to feel how to be in someone’s shoe..just step it in your dream or imagine.. would be great as a reminder.