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    Shadow of Pain

    I believe all of us have our own ‘shadow’ or ‘secret’ we keep in our closet. Living in your own shadow.. in the dark forever are painful, probably its too hurtful to share and too shameful for others to know.

    It is the bad side of us.. we don’t want people to know…what we did before or even still doing it because we can’t get rid of it.

    There are so many people walking in their shadow.. covering their shame or hatred with their happy smiling face but in reality they are suffering inside.  The only way to walk in the light is to accept your own shadow.. and slowly find a way to fight it.. and move on.

    Nothing is easy and it don’t happened over night.. take a small step. Once you allow yourself accepting your own shadow.. you will get in the process of change and with God’s help and guidance .. you will be able to slowly remove your mask.. and be yourself.. no more hiding… you will be free!

    I remember a story of a lady who was a drug addict.. she was in and out the rehab but still addicted to drugs but one day she accept who she was and what she did..and slowly change to be a better person.. she have revealed herself ..of who she really is behind the mask.

    Now she help those drug addicts to recover .. she go back to her own shadow and give others light.

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    Get to know yourself

    Do you really know yourself? Do you really understand how you feel? Have you for one moment.. stand in front of the mirror, looking at yourself and be happy or busy complaining about how you look? I believe most of us, complaints more than compliment ourselves. We probably busy complimenting other people and judging how their looks or behaving. Or maybe busy comparing yourself with others.. what a way to put yourself down.

    Now it is time to have a reflection and get to know yourself better… starting with :-


    Accept who you are and how you look. God created you different from others, nobody will look like you in this world.. be happy for what given to you and don’t compare yourself to others.. that is the biggest insult you giving to yourself.


    Learn to forgive yourself.. for the past that haunted you and how you treated yourself. Let go of the grudge you keep in you.. let it go.


    Learn to understand your own emotions. What will make you feel most happy and what can you do to ease your worry or overcome your sadness. Read books on how to handle stress .. it will help you to understand your emotions.



    Love yourself.. nobody will love you more than you do. Feed yourself with good and nutritious foods, drink plenty of water.. exercise to get the oxygen flow in your body and get your blood circulation runs smooth.


    Enjoy yourself today, tomorrow and always.. do what you wanted to do.. your passion.. if you love cooking.. go take a course or cook for others, if you love to write.. start writing a book.. who knows you will be the next J.K Rowling.  Or just hang out with friends.. share stories and laughter.


    Be thankful to God, for whatever reason He gave you, the pain, test..without realizing these are the things that making you wiser and get close to HIM.

    There are so many things you need to do to understand and love yourself. I believe once you understand yourself better, you will feel good and look even younger.




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    Father’s Day

    It is still the month of June and i don’t see its wrong to still celebrate Father’s Day.  Last week on that same day (can’t remember when) i witness a wonderful ‘father’s love.

    It was early in the morning, i was driving my daughter to school.  We stop at the red light near a secondary school, suddenly i saw a man running crossing the road.. my head turn to look where this man going.. he actually running towards his son, and gives him food, which he bought from the shop across the road… oww.. how touching.  While driving i keep on thinking about the man and his son.

    Fathers usually show their love different from mothers .. but we understand their loves. You can buy any gifts for him.. but the best gift they give us are ‘love’ and ‘sweet memories’ that to be cherish forever.

    Happy Father’s Day!