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Shadow of Pain

I believe all of us have our own ‘shadow’ or ‘secret’ we keep in our closet. Living in your own shadow.. in the dark forever are painful, probably its too hurtful to share and too shameful for others to know. It is the bad side of us.. we don’t want people to know…what we did […]

Get to know yourself

Do you really know yourself? Do you really understand how you feel? Have you for one moment.. stand in front of the mirror, looking at yourself and be happy or busy complaining about how you look? I believe most of us, complaints more than compliment ourselves. We probably busy complimenting other people and judging how […]

Father’s Day

It is still the month of June and i don’t see its wrong to still celebrate Father’s Day.  Last week on that same day (can’t remember when) i witness a wonderful ‘father’s love. It was early in the morning, i was driving my daughter to school.  We stop at the red light near a secondary […]

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