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    I Am A Strong Woman!

    I am a strong woman..  that’s what i believe i am.. and how i make others believe.   I am a person .. who are trusted in sharing their problems.. assist them in opening their mind on how to tackle their issues.. gives them strength .. yes! you can do it!  With their smile..and ‘thank you’ from them makes me happy.. and feel appreciated..not sure if i had helped them much but at least i try.  I am.. in their eyes.. a happy go lucky.. no problemo.. and a strong woman.

    But at certain time i am so weak and needed another ‘me’..that strong woman who can give me courage and give me that words of wisdom.. and say.. ‘you can deal with this, Shirley’. .. but nobody is there.. and i probably too strong to be the person who needed help or a shoulder to cry on.  I hate the ‘self-pity’ but at times we need it to allow ourselves to see our own weaknesses.

    The only person who i needed most are too far to reach and can’t hear even if we blow trumpet  in a marching band.. HE is too far away from everything but HE can be near to us.  I want HIM near and i want to say everything to HIM.. so i kneel down.. and say nothing ..only silent.  I don’t have to say anything..because God knows what happening.   I just close my eyes.. and cry in silent.. nobody hear me..but GOD listen..the only way to listen to HIM is in silence, just allowing the moment with HIM, understanding our own weaknesses and letting HIM give the strength.

    I am a strong woman.. i make others believe i am.. because i am a strong woman..with God’s help.