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    My Super Boy

    This mummy is so stress out..  and feel like crying.  I was so angry with my son’s unacceptable attitude.. i tried everything to make him behave..instead of making him stop patiently.. i ended up pinching him.. terribly out of control.  I just try to make him behave and i make it even worse.. he even said “mum, that’s hurts”.. i didn’t care.  He ask me for a hug.. i decline because i was so angry.  I leave him on the bed for a while.. when i came back..he was sleeping.  How bad can it be, making my boy sleep in sadness and guilt.  I stroke his hair.. talk to him while he was sleeping.. saying sorry to him.. telling him how good he is.

    My son is a funny boy, loves games, hates school, very active, can’t focus..  some people don’t understand him.. he will react weird and funny in front of people sometimes.. people not only look at him.. but us, his parents… we are so used to the stares…the looks showing something like.. “didn’t you teach him” or “what is he doing” looks.  It bothers me sometimes..but nowadays..i don’t really cares what people think or say.  I teach my son.. my children.. ‘do the best you can..but if you cant just learn slowly’.

    I was stress whenever relatives asked about my son.. why is he behaving like that? …  but he is normal to me.. only a little hyper but he did not disturb other kids.. and he don’t really like joining them..but he still talks to them if he wants too… he is special to me.. it was tough to handle.. but along the way.. with lots of efforts..he can handle so many things on his own.  I remind him everyday “you might be different but you are special in your own way.. just remember mum, dad and your sister will always loves you.. God loves you”

    I will spend more time with him.. let  him wear the superman suits..and make him fly..even in his dream.

    I feel much better now..after i put this into writing.. this is the best therapy for my stress.  I pray to God.. i promise God.. i give up things that i shouldn’t do.. for the sake of my children..especially my son.  He is my Super Son, with a funny act, cute laugh.. and handsome looks.  With God’s help and guidance i believe my son will learn to be wiser, focus and learn to understand whats happening.