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Money Rain!

If you were given the wildest dream about money.. how would it be?  I have my monthly salary by the end of the month, blogging income every month.. not that much.. but at least i got something.

I would love to think that i am a magnet to money.. money come easy to me.. i open to every opportunity.. and my network will be in the term of money someday.. soon.

Imagining myself in an open space where money pouring like rain.. i let it fall on the floor.. that time i will be humble and thankful for the money..and money keep pouring in.. more and more and more money!  Money rain!  When that day came.. i will have  a structured settlement quote.. settle any debts.. i will have more income and less debts or no debts..that will be great.

Before i reach that time.. of ‘raining money’.. i will make my visual more clear, colorful.. listening to the sound of money pouring like rain… listening to people nice of me to help them.. wow! i feel great already.   Let me just visual that lovely moment.. again and again.  I will therefore have millions in my bank account..  🙂

When the time come..i will be posting ‘I am rich’! thanks to my visualization.. of the law of attraction.

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