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How do you want to be remembered?

Have you ever dream of looking at your own funeral?  or have you ever imagine how it would be like?  Do you think people cry and how do you want your funeral be like?.. simple, full of flowers.. red and white roses all over the place, you want music or silence?  Do you want your coffin to be marched to the church? .. interesting ..isn’t it.

Funeral preplanning.. would you do it.. for your own?  It would be scary though … but i believe if you think about death most of the time.. or how your life would end.. you can’t never enjoy life the fullest.

It is not how your funeral will be like.. but how do you want to be remembered.   How people will think of you when you die.. (touch wood).. a humble person, generous, kind heart.. full of joy.. or arrogant, stingy.. whatever it is.. we do our part in this world.. as long as we live we do whatever we can.. so that people will remember us on how we act.  The best thing to do kind.. not only people will remember you in a good way.. you will be accepted in Heaven.. amen.

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