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Music and Memories

I love music.. music turns me on. .. especially  drums beat.   Music can anchored our feelings and emotions.  Sometimes when you hear certain music.. .the music touched your feelings.. you go back to the memories.. feeling that certain if you back there.  Have you ever cried and get emotional when you hear music or songs that your ex boyfriend dedicated to you when you were both young? ouch.. so touching.. i am sure you remember the time when both of you together.

How wonderful music can be.. beautiful music sometimes from the melody and the lyrics.  Whatever it is.. music can make us shed more tears, dance more and enjoy life even more.

What type of music you love to listen can sometimes show your personality.. for instance.. rock music really shows you are adventurous and those who loves 80s music are very cool.. and the list goes on.   You don’t have to believe it.. but its fun to think about it.

Okay..cherio.. need to listen to some music now..

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