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    Sexy, Slim or Skinny..

    Everybody wants to look slim and sexy but most forgotten that what they also need to be healthy. As much as I want to look and feel good.. mind you i really wanted to add few pounds. I did not take any diet pills and i have no worries on oxyelite pro side effects, i ate as much as i can everyday but it seems that i still maintain.  The secret is no diet pill and no maid.

    While others admire how i maintain my body, others feel i look skinny.. my comment.. i feel exhausted..and that’s that.. not more not less.. as long as i am healthy i am ok with that but the comment that i am skinny bugs me sometimes.. makes me feel want to eat more..:) should i?  Well as much as i want to eat more.. i will say i need to take care of my health.. need to rest.. that’s what i need.. rest.

    No matter how people look at me.. sexy, slim or skinny.. the only thing i want is to feel good, look good and most of all to be healthy.