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    Newspaper in the morning? think again..

    I use to start my day with reading newspaper  because i feel it is necessary to get the latest information and sharing the info or stories with colleagues.   But with the hot story on the headline and other stories in the newspaper especially on kidnapping, violent, robbery, it will only make you feel upset and angry at times… swing your happy to moody.

    Reading newspaper in the morning  is not  really a good idea…  unless you only go through necessary information… you can read the rest of the news at noon, when you already had your breakfast, done part of your work.. connected with the office environment.. get the right tune.. then you can read the whole story in the newspaper.

    Same goes with checking or commenting your social network in the morning… there were times i feel my comments or opinion are sincere but some people get the wrong message.. so i feel i wasted my idea in the wrong channel.. i should have just write that story in my blog rather then giving opinion to people who don’t understand.    I am trying my luck to get my writing published in a newspaper… need to get my ideas running again.. hopefully i will be able to see my story in the newspaper soon.

    I am just sharing my experience..but if you feel you need to read newspaper in the morning..nobody stopping you..but if you feel i have a point here.. please click ‘like’..  🙂 .

    Cheers and God Bless!