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    Pain to Power

    When you thought God never answered your prayer.. think again. We look for God when we are in deep problem and when we thought God did not answered our prayer as how we want it to be.. we give up and blame it to God. “Why God let this happened to me?” you asked, but have you ever wonder that certain pain in life is the power you have today? That is if you let yourself change the pain to power and not let your power down to pain. For example, you had a relationship problem with your boyfriend, who you thought is ‘the one’ for you but left you for someone else instead.

    You are indeed in pain but as time goes by, you realize you are free from the thought that he is the one for you, you are powerful now and you can date with any men you want (your choice of course).

    Rejection, criticism, loss are the part of emotions that comes together with that painful experience. People will say ‘forget about it’.. i realize that the more you want to forget about it, the more it appear clearly in your head.

    I have been through painful experience and i did try to forget about it..guess what? I keep on thinking the same think over and over again..and questioning why, what, and how? The formula is as simple as accepting that pain and move on, time is the best healer. Once you accepted that experience, you will understand how this experience helps you in the future and probably can help others too.

    List your unforgettable painful experience, accept that you can’t change it and move on.  Don’t let the pain control you…the pain has over and it become your power now.

    If you read about successful and powerful people, you will realized that most of them started from ‘not so nice’ starting story line but at the end they successful with lots of money.. they have their cash drawer.. or whatever you call it.. just  look at Oprah and Lady Gaga..just to name a few.. their painful experience makes them powerful today.

    Count your blessings and always look at the bright side.