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    Love Yourself

    There is one person you should love more than you ever know.. “Who? you may asked.. well look at the mirror right now..and you will see the person in the reflection.

    The person is ..no other than You..yourself.  There were times when we loves somebody so much and when the person breaks our hearts.. we can’t accept it.. its hard to accept rejection and heart breaks.  The pain is too much to bear ..it is therefore easy to abuse ourselves.   What do i mean by ‘abuse ourselves’?..we let ourselves suffer.. some of us eat more then before, while others starved  and some can’t manage themselves anymore. That is when some people made the wrong turn in their life..they turn to drugs and alcohol.

    There are always trial and challenges that we faced in our lives but if can managed ourselves, take it as experience and learn from it, i believe you don’t need to go through a path where you need a prescription drug abuse addiction.

    These lists might help you to get through heart breaks :

    • Pray to God
    • Talk to your close friends
    • Share your story to your diary
    • Express yourself by crying..just let it out
    • Make more friends
    • Learn to be grateful
    • Get a Hobby


    You are worth more than what you think… You can beat obstacles if you believe and have faith in yourself.   If you face any problems, don’t look at the problems.. look at the solution… and don’t compare your problems with other people, you don’t know what problems they had.

    Love Yourself because you worth it!