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    No Cell Phone Week

    I probably need to get a signal booster cell phone, easier for me to call anyone from any place especially if i give talk in the rural area where signal not so good.  It can be irritating when you need to call someone and it can be very difficult if it is an urgent matters.   Having my own signal booster makes it convenience not only for me but for other people.  What is the different of having a cell phone but cannot call.  We are so insecure with the cell phone nowadays, another ‘must have’ for everybody.

    I wonder why we can’t live without cell phone nowadays?  We have been living without cell phone those days and yet we survive our social life.  There were times i feel that we are depending on cell phone..way too much.. until we forgotten to talk face to face because we prefer sms, mms or just calling via cell phone.. Don’t you think that is bad?

    We should..probably have ‘no cell phone week‘ or ‘no cell phone day’ … just to go back to basic that is face to face communication and not depending on this modern technology entirely.

    Till then, don’t call me … meet me! 🙂