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    Brief about the Four Quadrant of Life

    Exhausted.. tired.. not only mental but also physical.. what should we do? If  we can change bearing.. like vehicles it will be so easy. .but like vehicles we need to go for service.. so we go for medical check up.  But what if we mentally and emotionally tired? It reminds me of the four quadrants of life.

    The four quadrant of life.. that need to be balanced..  Emotion, Mental, Physical and Spiritual.  How to balance these four quadrants?.. Love!.. Love yourself first and get to know yourself.. what you like, dislike, get in touch with your inner self.  Get in touch with God.. be spiritual.. learn to invite God in your life and last but not least.. exercise for our physical improvement..or if you don’t have time to exercise.. something that is easy to do.. dancercise… dance!

    More on these four quadrants of life in the next post..till then.

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    Easy Money?

      Where to get money? for those working with monthly wages, we get our pay every end of the month.. extra money comes from bonus, allowances or overtime.  But for those who own businesses.. the more they sell, get their projects (depends on their business) they get more money.. more networking, more income.  Which is better.. it is depends entirely on the individual, which are they good at..some people loves business.. they love challenges, business is part of them and they don’t like to work for other people, they just love to run their own thingy.

      Some people, like myself .. i feel lucky being where i am.. sitting in the office from 8am to 5pm, i can say i sometimes bored with routine job but that doesn’t stop me from doing what i love.  I want more money.. to achieve what i want for myself and my family.

      I am shifting my ‘make money’ gear from slow and steady to fast and furious.. it doesn’t mean i can’t relax but it means i need to work harder.. i can use the ach check processing online work for me.


      There are no such definition as ‘Free Money’.. or ‘Easy Money’.. probably it has but there are price to pay at the end.. But hard work pays more than money, it comes with satisfaction and worthy.

      If you love what you are doing, you are worthy of what you will get… money doesn’t have to be the first thing.. a reply ‘thank you’ from someone who appreciate what you did ..is worth it.