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    Do I Have To Change?

    Is it necessary to change? Why do we need changes?… to impress others, to please others or you feel it is the right time to change .. for your own good.

    Imagine 6 out of 10 from your close friends told you that you are ‘out of style’ or you need to ‘upgrade’ yourself… What would you do? Leave it as it is.. or do something about it? Sometimes we don’t see what others see, start analyzing their words.. look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself.. “am i really out of style and do i need to upgrade myself?”

    Take their words and start with little steps at a time.. don’t do drastic changes. If you have great attitude you would enjoy changes.. ask their opinion on what should you change, probably only your hair style or your fashion need to tune a little bit.

    Do some research, starting from what you’ve been wearing.. is it the color, the pattern or style. Go to a Image consultant if you must, invest a little for a long term. Image is part of branding.. if your Image consultant suggest you to get western belts to go along with long skirt and blouse, try it. If she said you look good with blue navy and pencil skirt suits you, go along with it. Wear what suggested by your Image Consultant and asked those who gave comments to you.

    Remember, if somebody give comments, don’t judge them as giving critics.. take it as feedback. Your choice to change and understand what need to change is important. Don’t change because you need to please others but change to make you a better person instead.