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    New Year… New Chapter in Life

    We are just counting hours before saying goodbye to 2011 and welcoming 2012.  What have you achieved this year?.. If you have big goal or resolution and you achieved it in a year..congratulations!..and if you did not achieved 100% but if you at least scored 30-50%.. again congratulations.. some goal need small steps.  But if you did not done anything.. i say you probably need to start doing it again next year..or you might need plan B.. that is maybe another goal.


    Before every end of a year..we think of a new resolution for the coming new year…. quit smoking, do more marketing.. to get more money, new job, want to buy a car, we want to safe the environment.. we want to get one of the Gas Scooters in the market , we want to buy property.. whatever we have in mind.. we plan, we focus on it.. with determination..  we achieve it in a year but with certain reasons we failed..and we needed more time.

    A brand new year is like a new chapter in our life, what written in the previous chapter.. does it have a happy ending?  We have in mind what we want to write in the next chapter.. we are the writer of our own book but sometimes we write not according to what we plan .. we have God doing the editing.. out of our control. 🙂

    If you think a new year is like another chapter of your story books.. look back.. check the previous chapters..which chapter is the best and why.. and which chapter hurts most..and why.. it make us understand our own life…and never regret on what happened… take it as a life experience…if its a painful experience.. accept it as it is..it is valuable to others if you share it as knowledge.

    Some of us might not have a good story in the beginning of the chapters but you choose how the story goes and how you want the story to end… nobody else can.. but God will be there editing.

    God Bless …and May your dream come true.. Happy New Year!