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    Merry Christmas

    I always wanted a White Christmas but warm Christmas as usual is great especially when all the family gathered together. .. . having a warm Christmas don’t need us to get the outdoor thermometer to make sure the temperature is good enough to stay outdoor.. we can party in or out.. whenever we like.. night or day.

    Wherever we are in the world.. what important is not how we celebrate Christmas but how we remember Christmas.. as we always overshadowed ourselves by the advertising and marketing .. the Santa, the Shopping etc.

    We forgotten our main reason of the celebration is to celebrate the birth of Jesus our savior.

    Rather then having spend more on clothing and buying expensive gifts..just be moderate in everything.. and the most important of all of spending our time with our loves one… family gathering is a must in celebrating Christmas..whether its a White Christmas or Warm Christmas.. wherever you are in the world.

    May in this Christmas Day.. Christ lives in us..gives us new life.. start all over again.. and forgive ourselves and move on to give and share more love to others.

    May we always have Peace on Earth, Good Health and Happiness in the World.. Amen.

    Merry Christmas from Beautiza