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    Temporary SAHM For Two Weeks Only


    I will be taking leave for 2 weeks and that makes me a temporary SAHM ( stay at home mum).   I will be spending more time with them but thinking how to spend less.   Working in the office is pretty much relax then at home….

    But some says..better stay at home.. let me find out about that..

    Now i am thinking of the  menu, what to cook for breakfast, lunch..dinner.

    Planning where to go and  places to visit…what activity should i give them at home..coloring, craft, play their toys or  cooking..  I know its going to be a very interesting and busy week for me.   I better starting writing my ‘to do list’.. i hope i don’t need to write a long list… ‘to buy list’… groceries.. now i remember i need to get one of the amt pumps to get the water working.

    Better get my mind thinking and planning.. how,what,where,when..  hopefully won’t get myself stress.. and busy with the house thingy.