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Accepting Differences

How long have you been married? 5, 10 or 20 years?  Being married almost 10 years..makes  me realized that we have so many differences.. and little things in common.   I have been looking at the differences and make a really big deal about it.. i was stress.  He is quite type of guy and loves  TV while i am very talkative.. and  i will be hooked to my laptop in my free time..well blame it to auto shop software.. i need so many things from there.. for my blog.  Well..back to my topic.. differences=more, similarity=less what do you get .. stress, empty spaces inside..and almost giving up.

I am happy to have invested in learning NLP but applying and experiencing to myself makes me more happy.. let me show you the formula.  Okay, you have seen the formula of getting stress.. let me put you in my shoe for awhile, just to get you in the picture.

Okay.. i have seen the differences.. and only little things in common.. I can’t change him..neither he change me.. but i talk to him in a pleasant way just to let him know how i feel.. it takes 100 times..and more.. and you won’t be successful overtime.. try and try again.  Okay now i look at the little things we have in common.. example..we both like cooking.. he cook better than me.. i appreciate when he cook.. i appreciate it everyday..and i start to count my blessings.  How about the differences? well nobody perfect.. keep the differences aside, somehow you will need it.. example.. he loves watching tv.. i don’ i asked him about the movie without watching it.. save my time..isn’t it?  If you feel empty inside, look at your children..let them fill you with how you shower your love to  them everyday.

To accept your partner’s differences.. you have to start little by little.. one at a time.. you might fail at first but at the end you will succeed.  Why not make this as one of your goals for 2012.

All the best!..Beautiza 🙂


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