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Expensive LOVE

I will be on leave for three days for this week and will be off again next week…taking leave to be with my children, no maid gives me no choice but sending them to daycare/tution center during the school holiday.  What should we do? we were on the road.. back at home.. it seems i don’t really have the rest as i expected.

Going out just the three of us.. just hanging out with them.. more spending.. eat! eat! and eat!.. at home the same thing we do.. eat! eat! eat!.. and at the same time.. my mind scanning the whole house.. what should i change, what i need to get rid.. and what i need to buy..  i shouldn’t think about this.. my mind should be resting.. my money should be resting.. huhu.    I had something in my mind that i wanted.. i was looking at my  door and i thought why not get door kick plate.  It made of a strong metal or base like metal and can actually be used for what its name describes. You can kick it with your shoes to get any grass,  dirt, etc off of your shoes before coming into your home. This helps prevent you from tracking dirt and other unwanted particles into your home and leaves them outside for Mother Nature to handle.

Door kick plates provide a great decorative feature to your door. You can find colors and materials that match your door or other accents in your home, and it will actually make it stand out quite a bit.  It can also act as a reflective measure for you to see where you are going at night… tempted to buy door kick plate? well.. i know i do.

I better stop thinking about what to buy for the house and start thinking where to go with my children.   I can always find money to buy what i want.. anytime..but i can’t always have time to be with my children.. love is more expensive..and i got to spend it wisely.




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