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Waiting For The Perfect Partner?

I was listening to LiteFM last Friday,  they were asking question “Is it worth waiting for the perfect partner?  Listeners commented on the LiteFM’s FB Page voicing their opinion on the interesting subject.  I found it very interesting myself..  to me i guess it is worth waiting.. but my questions is.. how do we know when we found the ‘perfect partner’?

Actually i had that same thought too when i was single.. i was searching for the ‘perfect partner’.. the ‘Mr. Right’.. but i couldn’t find one with the criteria i have been looking for… but i made a promise to myself that i will get married before the age of 30.. so i did.

If you asked me if i married ‘Mr. Right’? looking with my life now.. my husband helps me with the children, the house chores and he is a better ‘chef’ than me.. i said Yes i did.  But there were times.. when we fight about certain issues, to be honest, sometimes i asked myself.. ‘is he actually Mr.Right’.. hahaha.  That silly questions pop up usually when we disagree on something.

We are the opposites, i am very talkative.. if i start talking..its like the machine gun.. non stop.. and i am full of sense of humor.. love to laugh.. while he on the other hand.. is the relax and steady kind of guy.  I believe God make the two of us become one because of these differences.  I just have to accept the differences and i am unable to change him, as he can’t change the way i am.  Accepting differences is one of it but good communication is important.  How does your partner know how you feeling if you don’t express it?  and if you express it in the angry tone.. sure you will get a high pitch tone too.


We are not the perfect couple.. marriage is a journey.. in this journey, we get to know each other more, we get to know our partner’s weaknesses and strength.  I realize that when i’m feeling down after a fight.. i will look at his weaknesses.. i try to search for more bad things he have done to me.. and i feel more depress.. and it is stupid.  Now whenever i am angry, i take a moment to look at his best side.. what good things he have done to me.. and how wonderful he is.. even the smallest thing.. i feel better.  Nobody is perfect.. and we are not perfect ourselves.

If you ready for a proposal, go buy the stainless steel partner rings.  But whatever type of ring or how expensive the ring is, its not worth of the value of your relationship.  Why couple get married? is it because they find ‘the perfect partner or the One’.. but why they get divorce? do they realized the person their married..was not ‘the one’?

A wedding is just for a day.. but the marriage is a journey.. A journey that need Respect and Love from each other.. and my marriage have a far distance to go… and still learning.  May you find ‘the One’ for you.. but don’t be surprise that sometimes ‘the one’ for you is actually someone you already know for years.

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