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    I Want a Home Theatre

    I am dreaming of a bluray home theatre system..with big screen tv  aaah! sigh.. how i wish i could have it.  Imagining my family and me watching movie.. wow!

    It would be fun with loud speakers.. “hear ye! hear ye! neighbors..sharing with you all what we are watching!.. its Transformer”!  that would be fun.. cruel though.

    Love to be watching with my  family.. cry together..laugh together… of course there were times we don’t agree on what we want to watch.. there will be someone wants to watch something else.

    This i want to see…. son and daddy play games…

    Till the money rolling.. till the time come.. i will sure get one of this.. soon!


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    Soon it will be Christmas Day!

    Wow! how time flies… I don’t want to count November .. i know its near ..before i start counting November, I better start thinking about December.

    I love December!.. month of holidays, month of forgiving in welcoming  Christmas! a day of  forgiving.. Christmas a day of giving and receiving… need to start my ‘gift list’ as a preparation before buying Christmas gifts to family members and close friends.

    Preparing list is difficult.. what to buy for each person i find difficult.. i don’t want to give something they don’t like..phew… how does Santa Clause did it?

    Oh well.. i might need some help from my girl.. she will come out with interesting ideas for gifts.