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Water oh Water!

What a week!.. i am beginning to familiarized the ‘red notes’ at the information notice at our apartment..  ‘….. there will be no water on…. at… ‘  Oh no! not again.  If this continues, we might need to buy a steel drums in order to saved more water.. probably for a week.

When we don’t have a water supply, we realized we treasure even a drop of water, same goes if we don’t have electricity.. as much as we love the coolness of the aircond.. any fan will be good to cool down the heat.

I hope water will always enough for everyone but at the same time learning not to waste it is important as well.

Water.. and electricity are part of our daily needs.. but if you have to choose between these two..what would you choose?

I wish i don’t have to choose either.. i need both 🙂


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