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The Students Retreat in Kokol

Continuation of Beautiful Kokol on my earlier post…..

After i received my NS-NLP Certification and being a NS-NLP Practitioner, i wonder what am i going to do with that certificate what i aimed for and beginning to think of my marketing strategy and the cost that i will charge.

I started giving motivation talks to teenagers at my cousin’s learning center and doing my own personal coaching/study skills at home for 1-4 person at a time only and with minimal charges.  I do that to gain experience and sharing my knowledge.   Since i am giving motivation also, my husband are kind enough to check prices for vga to hdmi cables to make easier for me to do slide presentation and video to be connected to TV which have bigger screen.

I ever visualized myself talking in front of a large crowd.. and well.. it does come true.  I asked God to help me spread good news my way with HIS guidance.. and i did..

At the House of God…

The biggest Cross i have ever seen.. you can see this from far… you can never missed this Church.

The first session we did it at the back of the Church.. as you can see.. it is all covered by zinc from roof to the wall..but most of it is open area.  Of all the thing i asked for is … fan.  I was stressed because it was hot, started to get headache..because of the heat..i forgotten that i will be talking to 80 students.

I was standing in front alone.. i can move..but imagine these participants…

I managed to get them relax with the help of my stress reliever.. ‘MUSIC’.. got carried away a little while..blame it to the music 🙂

Lunch..of course provided… Evelyn and Daniel from Youth Prep Center (YPC) as part of the organizer for the retreat.

The second session was held in the Church itself…

Yup.. that’s me.. Beautiza sharing thoughts by writing in the blog.. Shirley sharing it by words..

Mmmm … let me see if anyone fall asleep?

Unable to play ‘music’ in the house of GOD.. only inspiration video and soft music.. others look so tired and sleepy..


Aha! i saw one.. 🙂

I don’t know how was i able to present in front of 80 students.. active participants.. i was nervous at first.. but God answered my prayer..before i did my presentation.. i asked God to let HIM used me entirely to be HIS Channel of love.. to share to them my experience even some were my secret that not to be told.. but i allowed GOD to be the center of my mind, body and spirit.

I just hope they gain something and may God bless these wonderful active teenagers.

Love you guys.. 🙂

Beautiza.. aka aunty shirley


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