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Happy Aging

Being in my 30s makes me realize i am not young anymore and preparing myself  for aging.  It is indeed scary especially when you see yourself in the mirror.. looking closer at your skin.. you see more wrinkles, pigmentation, changes of skin textures and it is not firmer anymore.

I understand we cannot stop aging unless we use modern technology to slow it down… using injection or cosmetic surgery.. but no matter how we want to slow it down… sooner or later we will get old.

Accepting the fact that we are aging… appreciating the moment.. not to worry to much thinking how we going to look in the next few years.. continue taking care of your skin,  use mud soap it help restore the skin, drink plenty of water, eat more green and colorful fruits.

Keep your youthful thinking and stay young at heart… think as if you are in your 20s but wiser.  Show more confident and be positive!

Smile! don’t worry if it gives more wrinkles but the more you smile.. the more beautiful you are and the younger you be.

Regards, and happy aging.


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