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    The Wedding Bands

    I am sure we can plan for a ‘Perfect Wedding’ .  We can even hire a Wedding Planner.. to make your wedding dream come true.  Especially if you have money.. you can realized any wedding you want.. choose any cake design, design your own wedding gown, have a lavish beautiful wedding garden or have a private wedding in the Island.

    But for others..despite for the money they have.. they prefer ‘Simple Wedding’.. simple ceremony..invite only family members and close friends.

    What really important in a marriage is the wedding bands, its a symbol of  Marriage, Love, Trust and God and it represents unconditional LOVE…representing each others vows to TRUST.

    Look, how my ring encompasseth thy finger, Even so thy breast encloseth my poor heart; Wear both of them, for both of them are thine. Richard III (William Shakespeare 1593)

    A Wedding will be remembered .. but wedding bands are forever in our fingers reminds us who we belong to.. our promises and our love. As much as the wedding are important.. the wedding bands are a symbol of wedding and the beginning of a marriage, that is why most considered having artcarved wedding bands.. as a remembrance.
    It is indeed special if married couple renew their vows every 5 years but wear the same wedding bands unless its to tight, should they need to buy new one.
    May God bless all the married couples, strengthen our Trust and more Love.