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Your Master Degree or Master your Life

Looking around me.. i saw people going in and out the office…  sending letters, attending meetings, sending foods.. yup there are people with differences, some are called Messengers, Officers, Caterers, Managers, Secretaries or even Drivers..  but i don’t see the differences because these people are equally HUMAN.. not more not less.  To me, everybody deserves a RESPECT…everybody have their own VALUE.

Its just sad if someone attacked you ..not in front of you.. sadly.. but behind you.. such an act of a coward.  Imagine how a person want to be respected by the education level this person had.. and if someone had the same level..this person will asked from where.. so unbelievably arrogant.

It is a terrible feeling … being looked down.. emotionally disturb.. your mind full of questions of ‘WHY, WHAT  and HOW?’


I slowly analyze my thoughts and emotions..and beginning to relax in my state of mind..

As i mind beginning to visualize of ..what should i do next? Should i fight.. imagining myself yelling at that person, while the person holding a swisher sweet cigars on the other hand.. we might scream and yell at each other..or even slap at each other.Its a good feeling if i could scream at this person because a line of people waiting to do that.

But i wont do that.. because i determine not to have hatred in my body system… I let this person OUT from my mind for good.. not even the VISUAL or AUDIO on this person.. i have DELETED.. i am FREE!  My mind are in PEACE with LOVE from others who cares.

But that doesn’t mean i LOSE!  I have my own strategy in winning this game.. because it is not where or what MASTER DEGREE you hold but in what degree you MASTER your LIFE.

You SCREAM at me, I will SMILE back at you..   You hold on your EDUCATION and QUALIFICATION .. i just hold my EMOTION.. which you always fail in.

People will be remembered by the VALUE we give others not by what Qualification we had.

Remember to Respect everybody ..because we are equally human.

God Bless!



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