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    Love And Give Them A Happy Ending

    A few weeks back i heard a mother in her 60s called a radio station to express her feelings about her four children.  She said she had given them the best education and now there are all married and very successful in life.  What bothering her?  She said they seldom visit her.. and unbelievable she said she wont call them to ask them to come instead she want them to come willingly.  I am sure her successful children gives her cash or material.. so what else she wants?  Listening to her voice.. i imagine if i were her in that situation.. i realize what she needed is her children’s attention.. or just showing a little appreciation by visiting her, bring her to dinner and organize a weekly or monthly gathering amongst family members.

    I am sure this lady pray everyday for her children to willingly come to visit her.. not only her.. i am sure her voice represents other aging mothers or parents whom stayed far from their children.

    It have been a ‘wake up call’ for me.. and i believe same goes to others who care.  Imagine the day you hold you child on your chest… that is a very special moment.. i am sure you can still see how your baby look like, the voice..the smile.. you can still smell your baby right now .. as if it was yesterday.

    We don’t know what the future holds for us.  Will our children take care of us? will we die early? are we the one whose going to take care of their children?  We can’t expect much can’t we..the future is too far to be concerned about.

    Do you still have your parents?  Do you and your family often visit them and show your appreciation? I am sure we all busy with our own family.. but a life balance is important..and our parents are our responsibility as well.

    If you had some sort of disagreement with your parents before.. it is time to forgive and let go.  We are not perfect..aren’t we?  Love them more today.. your child will love you more tomorrow.


    Have some time to go through the family album.. you will see the picture comes to life.. it is more fun looking at the album with the whole family rather than using trail cameras.


    Have a happy life.. and let them enjoy their achievement for having not only successful children but caring and loving children.. that is a greatest gift and a greater achievement for them.



    May they enjoy their life before they had a happy ending.