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    Visualize my home to be


    I still love to visualize this house.. i feel the comfort as i am there right now.  Sitting comfortably, as my feet touch the laminate flooring, my fingers typing the keyboard of my laptop.. writing the story my mind sending from the data in my brain.

    I smell coffee on the coffee table, i can hear my husband watching TV and the children playing in the playground.  Imagine as it is so real and coming through soon enough.

    Well… if i keep myself visualizing.. it might come through.. that what The Secret discovered but of course with some action towards that..or maybe strike jackpot.. who knows.

    Visualize my home sweet home!

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    39th Wedding Anniversary

    It started from the beautiful wedding… the gown, the cake.. everything…once the wedding ended…

    Start a new chapter of a two different people, which made promise to God..and became one.  A married life.. for how long? nobody know.. nobody can guess.  These two people, the husband and wife.. start their life.. they learn their PAST.. they appreciate NOW and eager for the FUTURE.

    My parents celebrated their 39th Wedding Anniversary today, 29 July 2011 in a simple but with wonderful meanings.  I am proud to have them as my parents.. i have seen their struggle to brought us up..the ups and down in their relationship but they never give up.

    My parents, Mr. Bonnie Hunggim and Mdm. Rose Indus Insing

    My parents with, mum’s sister Mdm. Janet and husband Mr. Severin Wong

    They have given us unconditional love.. now they travel a lot and spreading the word of God to others.. their choice to do whatever they want, they have done a great job taking care of us and still the Best!

    What else can we, the children give back to them… seniors life insurance is the best give..but the best of all.. is always showing Appreciation, giving Attention, lots of LOVE and prayer for their good health and happiness.

    God Bless Mummy and Daddy!

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    Journey with Trekfinder

    Have you visit Sabah or would you like to visit Sabah?  Sabah is also known as Borneo.. and ‘Land Below the Wind.  More about Sabah click HERE.

    I would love to welcome you to Sabah!  I am sure you wonder..where is Sabah and how to get here..  no worries, i will help you set you foot here.. you can even plan where you want to go, TREKFINDER will help you trek interesting places.  Just check out this TREKFINDER TOURS website.

    I will let you get you updated if they installed document management software, that will be easier for clients to get more information on their services and tours.

    Sabah is a place where you can find almost anything, depending what type of person you are.. adventurous, love ocean or food crazy.  Have you ever heard of Mt.Kinabalu? Imagine you conquered Mt.Kinabalu and feel the coldness, watching the beautiful scenery at early dawn from the top of the mountain… Proud! Excited!.. all the wonderful feeling once you’ve conquered the mountain.  Yes.. you don’t have to wish it come true.. you can make it come true.. now you know how to get there.

    Challenge yourself.. start the unforgettable journey.