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Your Job is Your Business

How good if we can receive cash advances in any job before we even done doing it, especially in business.  I am sure we usually take deposit once we agree on doing any business..usually 10% from the whole amount..but depending on what business we are dealing with.  If you are a tailor, you don’t really need big amount of deposit but if you are a dealing with an event.. you might consider asking for more deposit…or else you need to dig your own pocket money.. worse if your customer doesn’t pay..well that’s happen…can’t trust people these days.

I love doing business..but my weaknesses is when asking for payment.. i should just stick with my job until i learn to be strict on asking money..i will consider doing business.

My job is my business at the moment.  If you do your job as your will perform better and you will love your job each day.. you will have pleasure working not just waiting to get paid at the end of the month.

For those who is doing your own business.. and those working for others..’ ‘all the best and don’t work hard but work smart.


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