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This Is It .. The End

I am watching ‘This Is It -MJ’ while doing this post.  Its  sad that MJ passed away before the ‘final’ concert.  It have been two years since his passing.  The concert should have been an outstanding one.. looking at the way they rehearse, their dance move, the stage is so amazing..  the lighting and the backdrop and floors.. love the side effect they using.. it makes the song more real as in video clip.

Don’t we all misses MJ? his dance, his song.. and i wonder what those people who always criticize him accepted MJ’s dead? no more interesting story to write.

Watching MJ dance and sing is just so wonderful.. and since it is recorded while they were rehearsing for the concert.. you will see MJ requesting what he wants in a very proper way and well mannered .. MJ always say.. ‘Sorry’ ‘Thank You’ and ‘God Bless You’.  Who might have guessed ”This Is It’ will be ‘The End’ for MJ.

He is just human.. a man whose life own by others.. and not in a million years they will be another Michael Jackson.. He is the one and only.. God Bless MJ.


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