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The Simplest Is The Best

I am surprise to receive so many wedding invitation for my boss and also for me.  What surprise me is that i usually receive wedding invitation during the school holidays.. but these days.. couple don’t really pick school holiday for their special day..maybe they don’t want their wedding day to be clashed with other wedding.. yup.. sure hard for people to choose which wedding they want to attend especially if the wedding they wanted to attend is at two different location.. north and south. They might end up not going anywhere.

Having wedding all year through is good enough especially the printing business.. they will not only busy doing postcard printing d but also wedding cards.  I love wedding cards.. whenever i received invitation in the office.. i will look at the wedding cards.. different design and sizes.. it is just meaningful.

But looking at different design of wedding cards.. and observing and comparing the invitation cards.. the best is the one with the simplest design.

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