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I Need Uniform

What will i wear tomorrow?.. is the green blouse match the skirt or should i wear baju kurung?  This is one of few questions i have in my mind on what to wear to office.  I usually prepared and iron my clothes on Sunday on what i want to wear for the five working days but sometimes i will wear anything that comes into my mind and this usually the baju kurung..which i find easier.

Sometimes i just wish we can wear uniform.. like the stewardess or the nurses uniform ..not much to think about.  Nowadays i love buying dress.. i just wear coat or blazer to match with my dresses.  I also love mix and match.. others will see me wearing so many dresses.. they might thought i have lots of clothes but actually i don’t.. mix and match is my answer but make sure to buy dress or blouse that can match your skirt..and wear accessory ..not only you save money but you will look wonderful.

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