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Personal usinku

I Need Uniform

What will i wear tomorrow?.. is the green blouse match the skirt or should i wear baju kurung?  This is one of few questions i have in my mind on what to wear to office.  I usually prepared and iron my clothes on Sunday on what i want to wear for the five working days …

Personal usinku

The Simplest Is The Best

I am surprise to receive so many wedding invitation for my boss and also for me.  What surprise me is that i usually receive wedding invitation during the school holidays.. but these days.. couple don’t really pick school holiday for their special day..maybe they don’t want their wedding day to be clashed with other wedding.. …

Business usinku

Your Job is Your Business

How good if we can receive cash advances in any job before we even done doing it, especially in business.  I am sure we usually take deposit once we agree on doing any business..usually 10% from the whole amount..but depending on what business we are dealing with.  If you are a tailor, you don’t really …