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The Gift Called LOVE

Once we are married and have children, the main concern goes to our children.. the education, health and their other needs.  We want to give them almost all that we don’t have to our children.. they are our mirror.. we want to make the perfect out of our imperfection.

Maybe one of your dream was to further your studies overseas but because of financial difficulty, you are unable to fulfill your dream.. so this time put your saving for your children so that they will not face the same problem.  You might have compared several life insurance to get the best for your children.

You feel, when you were young.. you did not get the toys you wanted.. you were full of disappointment .. not getting what you want.. now you make sure your children get what their want.

That is the best part of life.. isn’t it? you don’t get it before.. you can’t have it for you.. now you give it all to your children.  But of all things we can give and will give.. we continue to give the most gift of all.. the gift called LOVE.

May we continue to give more love without expecting any in return, you will surprise the more love you give..the more blessings you will received.

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