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Shopping Spree VS Shopping Flee

Another post about our holiday in KL. As usual each time i go down to KL, for sure i spend time at my favorite shopping .. that is Jaya Jusco.. searching for my favorite JJ clothing brand ‘scarlet’.

Bought few clothing for my family but i was not satisfied because i need more time to go for i decided the second time ..i asked my husband to drop me there and pick me up once i finished. I had 3 hours shopping on my own.. i spent most of the time at the ladies.. ..Looking up for 50%, 70% 80% looking on the apparel … trying, comparing.. holding one dress ..blouse.. keeping it back.. taking another one.. and doing the same thing. Moving from another section to another.. feeling disappointed .. good price but i don’t like the style.. i like the style but too expensive. I asked myself ‘what am i doing here?’, ‘what am i searching for?’ i am beginning to feel that i wasted my time and energy.

I decided to check out the ‘scarlet’ lingerie.. 50%-80%.. wow!… cheap.. it is cheap but unfortunately left only the plus size intimate apparel, the smaller size.. were sold out. Well.. i just grab blouse, pants and some shirts..form me and my mother.

I really feel i have wasted my 3 precious hours of shopping alone.. i should have done my shopping elsewhere but then again.. it is a blessing.. that i don’t really spend a lot of money that day.

Instead of doing shopping spree its like having a shopping flee.

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