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Me and Miss Laptop

Whenever i have something in my mind, a thought that need to be shared..i keep it in my mind.. let the idea flowing.. making a story on its own.  There will be a placed where i can put it all in… where all the ideas become a story.. a story which we call a post.

When i finished with the housework, husband will deal with the children to put them to sleep.. while i go into  our multifunction room.  I will just look at the laptop … as if the laptop can talk to me.. i wait a little while.. think a little longer.. by the time my idea flow.. my fingers will be all over the keyboard.. pressing every letters and numbers.. making sentences..making story.. from what ever come out from my mind.  My laptop seems like a friend who are waiting to hear another story.. and i am easing my burden by expressing what i feel into story.

What a wonderful way to express it..just by typing it all… when i am angry … my laptop can’t shout at me, when i am happy .. i don’t see it smiles at me.   But my poor laptop having problem.. i hope its not virus.. or maybe it showing the signal that it have been burden with too much document that i haven’t deleted yet…not its having a good rest.  I will be sending my laptop for a service next week, need to upgrade it and also need to upload a business intelligence dashboard it will look cool and it will sure help me in doing my next project.

I just can’t wait to put my hands on my laptop.. miss it so much.


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