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No Computer Game At The Moment

During the school holiday in KL, Sean did not have the opportunity to play any computer game, he kept on saying he misses home but for sure he misses the game. His examination result was poor compared to the previous exam and we know what made that possible.. its the games. Me and my husband have made a decision that he will not have time to play game.. he will when he know how to adjust and how to focus on his study.. but for now.. No Game!

The action we make, to be strict .. ‘no games’ at the moment is not to punished him but it is the action of love.. we have to do what we have to do.. for his own good.

Our next ‘surprise trip’ will be adventurous.. it will be outdoor, the next trip in the list is KK Wetland.. need to get one of the nikon monarch binoculars i saw on sale the other day… will be doing bird watching.. the activity i have been waiting for.

I will make sure there are plan during the weekend, either library or simply jogging to make him forget the joy of games and make him have interest on other activities. Hopefully this will help him improve in his study and more focus in whatever he does.

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” -Frederick Douglass

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