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‘U Can’t Touch This’

I have been telling my daughter not to touch my stuff. she loves playing with earrings and other stuff.. so  i keep on saying  “can’t touch this?” after repeating it a few times.. i remember the song ‘U can’t touch this‘ by MC Hammer.  I wonder what happened to him.. the last time i read somewhere that he was a bankruptcy.

Watching Oprah today gave me the answer.. MC hammer was on Oprah.. and its just wonderful to hear his story.  Imagine he was once a superstar.. an entertainer is doing tech jobs.

Forbes Magazine estimated Hammer’s net worth at more than $33 million in 1991. But, just five years later, Hammer—born Stanley Burrell—was reportedly in debt to the tune of $13 million.

He never regretted on what happened.. and accept everything and he said.. he is in a good place now.   How interesting.. he is very positive.. he have the attitude of gratitude in him.

I love Oprah for having him on the show.. and showing us another inspiring story.

All men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes – Winston Churchill

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