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The Mind, Body and Soul

Don’t we all love having a fit and sexy body?  We all want to be healthy and look great.. don’t we?  We say it over and over again.. what’s your action?  Say..say..say but no action?  You are not going to achieve anything by saying but no doing.

Life is all about balance : Mind : Body : Soul .  We need to feed our Mind, Body and Soul with all necessary… these are few examples :

Mind : feed your mind..with knowledge, learn to think positive, read books..that’s how we exercise our brain.

Body : exercise.. drink plenty of water.. you might need to take post-workout supplements to get you started, just make your body move.. you can dance if you like.. sweat..release the toxin

Soul : how on earth do we feed our soul? practice ‘attitude of gratitude’..learn to be grateful to God, People around you and Yourself!

Find time to meditate.. to pause from worries.. to get in touch with your inner self.. let your Mind, Body and Soul speaks.. and interact.. be in silent.. if you let yourself be with your inner feeling for 5 or 10 minute everyday.. you will learn to understand yourself even better.

If your mind is positive and healthy, your body will get the signal.. and when your body know that your soul is happy.. what do you get? A positive person with great attitude.

Good luck and all the best!


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