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Start to Reduce..not Stop!

I was searching in the net on how to have beautiful skin., I then come across this wonderful website about acne ..the address is It surprise me when it mentioned on how giving up caffeine might reduce acne… surprise, surprise.  How am i able to do that?  I am so addicted to caffeine .. i need to have a cup of coffee every morning that is my jump start.. and the aroma is my motivation scent.

I have tried to stop having caffeine but maybe i tried to much.. i shouldn’t try to stop.. i might need to learn to reduce first…then stop.  Reducing caffeine intake and taking lots of water, also taking more fruits and vegetables will be my next goal.  I will start doing my work on how and when to start..and i will set on when to achieve this goal.

I wonder if i stop taking caffeine.. what would i replace it with?  Well for the sake of my skin, health.. i will do what it takes to take control of my intake.

Wish me luck..




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